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Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


FBI Intelligence Analysts united in a distinct and valued profession that contributes fully to the missions of the FBI and the larger Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities



To advance the Intelligence Analyst profession at the FBI through independent internal and external advocacy for policies essential to that advancement


Core Values


We are committed to excellence in the Intelligence Analyst profession and through excellence earn respect for our profession within the FBI.


We are an independent organization and we will take the necessary actions internally and externally to advance the Intelligence Analyst profession.


We are good financial stewards of our members’ investment and act in their interests at all times.


We unify and strengthen the FBI Intelligence Analyst Community by providing diverse communications platforms for sharing ideas, developments of interest, and expanding professional networks.


We pursue honorable initiatives on behalf of our members and conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent, and ethical.


Strategic Goals

We advocate for the creation of a distinct FBI Intelligence Analyst (IA) career service by removing it from the generic FBI “support” career service and aligning it more closely with the Intelligence Community.

We advocate for the expansion of career opportunities for FBI IAs to a level that is commensurate and competitive with IAs in the Intelligence Community.

We advocate for a career intelligence professional to hold the position of EAD-I, and for an FBI IA to assume the position of Intelligence Program Managers in each field office.

We advocate for a policy that allows and encourages FBI IAs to take developmental assignments within the FBI without leaving their IA career service (0132). For example, FBI Special Agents who take a developmental assignment in the Training Division remain in their agent career service (1811). FBI IAs should be given the same opportunity.

We advocate for a strong Directorate of Intelligence (DI) that serves as the national program manager for intelligence across the FBI. The DI should ensure consistency in policies governing FBI IAs as a national workforce and in the allocation of FBI IA resources relative to threats.

We advocate for greater integration between FBI IAs and their counterparts in the Intelligence Community, including expanded Joint Duty opportunities at other agencies.

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