FBI IAA Leadership Transition Announcement

Posted by FBIIAA_admin on: December 12th, 2011




The FBI IAA is pleased to announce the results of its 2012 Executive Board elections, as we successfully conclude the first leadership transition since incorporating in June 2009. Over the past several weeks, the Nomination Committee convened to collect and review candidate nominations, as well as elect the new board members.  To the Committee: the FBI IAA is deeply grateful for your time & service.

One of the IAA's top priorities for 2011 was the selection of, and transition to, new leaders from within our membership base, as many of our interim leaders were in their third year of voluntary service.  This transition marks the beginning of a new chapter for the FBI IAA… the only professional association exclusively dedicated to promoting the interests, welfare, and professional development of FBI Intelligence Professionals!  The Executive Board structure now features the creation of Headquarters and Field Co-Presidents, which is designed to ensure equitable representation of the diverse intelligence workforce needs at the association's highest level. 

The association deeply appreciates the tremendous legacy–of dedication, sacrifice, and success–that our Co-Founders and Steering Committee Members graciously bestowed upon us.  The 2012 Executive Board will continue your tradition of selfless service for our members and the enhancement of FBI intelligence. 

The 2012 FBI IAA Executive Board Members are as follows:
*Rachel L. Davis, Co-President (HQ)
*Joshua Adames, Co-President (Field)
*Daniel C. O'Donnell, Vice President
*Christine Bartolf, Secretary
*Mark Zajac, Treasurer (interim)


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