FBI Intelligence Analysts Association Statement on Government Shutdown

Posted by FBIIAA on: January 11th, 2019

“The FBI’s 3,200 Intelligence Analysts are driven by their duty to serve and protect the American
people. We serve alongside FBI Agents and other intelligence and law enforcement professionals,
playing a key role in preventing, detecting, and disrupting an array of national security and
criminal threats, to include: terrorism, cyber intrusion, espionage, WMD proliferation, public
corruption, and organized and violent crimes. We work alongside our colleagues 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, to protect the American people and defend the Constitution.

FBI IAA members serve the American people with passion and sincerity. We serve with pride to
keep our country safe despite the political gridlock that causes financial hardship for members
and our families.

Currently, FBI IAA members and others in the FBI are working without pay because of the third
government shutdown since 2013. The FBI IAA calls on our elected officials to work together to
end the shutdown and restore FBI employee pay. Further, the FBI is challenged to recruit, hire,
and retain top talent in all job roles. Due to years of minimal pay raises, which have not kept
pace with cost of living increases, federal pay lags behind private sector compensation. This pay
disparity, and the regular uncertainty regarding our paychecks, hinders our ability to attract the
most competitive talent in the American workforce.

We echo our partners and colleagues in the FBI Agents Association and call, at a minimum, for
the 1.9% federal pay increase the Senate passed to become law and be applied retroactively to
2019 wages when the shutdown ends. This measure has broad bipartisan support.

The FBI IAA urges elected officials to find a way to end this shutdown quickly and find a way to
fairly and competitively compensate the men and women making up our membership, and all our
partners at the FBI.”

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