Membership Benefits



Membership Benefits include:

1.  A Strong, Independent, & Unified Voice: The FBI Intelligence Analysts Association, Inc. (FBI IAA) serves as a strong, independent, and unified voice for the FBI Intelligence Analyst cadre to internal and external stakeholders, such as: Senior Executives, Congress, Executive Branch, and the American public. Our existence enables FBI Intelligence Analysts to have a direct and immediate impact on important issues, including fiscal and budgetary matters; organizational matters such as mission and structure; and workforce-related matters such as human capital and professional development.

2.  Advocacy for Expanded Career Opportunities and Benefits for FBI Intelligence Analysts: As the FBI’s second largest employee group – made up of more than 3,000 intelligence professionals – Intelligence Analysts are a core component of the FBI’s national security and criminal investigative mission. We diligently pursue policies and programs to enhance your professional development and expand your career opportunities.

3.  Professional Legal Services:  The FBI IAA retains the services of Robert C. Seldon & Associates, P.C. , specializing in federal employment law. FBI IAA members in need of legal representation as a result of the conduct of their official duties may acquire these services for a reduced fee.

4. Professional Liability Insurance: The FBI IAA has partnered with Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) to provide discounted rates on Professional Liability Insurance for our members. Members receive a top-quality protection from civil, administrative, and criminal actions resulting from the performance of their daily duties.

5. Exclusive Educational, Professional Development, and Networking Opportunities!  The FBI IAA hosts Intelligence Forums that serve as a professional development and educational seminar for FBI Intelligence Analysts. The FBI IAA has also established extensive partnerships throughout the network of Intelligence Community-affiliated associations, giving  members exclusive access to Intelligence Community events.

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