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Federal intelligence workforce must shed jobs, experts say…

Posted by FBIIAA_admin on: May 24th, 2011

Federal intelligence agencies must make targeted staff reductions and boost employee performance in response to declining budgets, according to a report released Tuesday.

In the report from the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, a task force of current and former members of the intelligence community, recommended significant but strategic cuts to the workforce and programs over the next five years. Staffing levels increased in the last decade and are unsustainable in the current fiscal environment, according to the report.



UPDATE: This is the link to the INSA's report: http://www.insaonline.org/assets/files/White%20Papers/INSA_SMART_CHANGE_FINAL.PDF



FBI IAA View on D/FBI Extension

Posted by FBIIAA_admin on: May 19th, 2011

The FBI Intelligence Analysts' Association (FBI IAA) supports President Obama's decision to request an extension to the term of FBI Director Robert S Mueller III.  The FBI IAA is proud of Director Mueller's efforts to transform the FBI into an intelligence driven organization. We look forward to the opportunity to support Director Mueller's significant efforts in continuing the transformation of the FBI.  

He has been a tremendous catalyst and leader and has started to build a foundation for an Intelligence Career Service as outlined in the Intelligence Reform and Prevention of Terrorism Act (IRTPA 2004) and thus far and we are confident he will continue to further the transformation. 

The FBI IAA looks forward to working with the Director in implementing his vision for the future.




CRS Report: The FBI and Terrorism Investigations

Posted by FBIIAA_admin on: May 2nd, 2011

Congressional Research Service cites FBI IAA voices in its latest report



The FBI Intelligence Analysts Association—which seeks to elevate the importance of the FBI’s intelligence mission and to represent the professional interests of the FBI’s 3,000 plus intelligence analysts (IAs)—recently requested the Nation’s top intelligence official and top law enforcement officer consider the association’s views on the critical matter of selecting the next Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

In a letter to the Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. Attorney General, FBI IAA President Clarence Stiehm articulated the need for selection of a Director who can successfully achieve the FBI’s post 9/11 terrorism prevention mandate and ensure that progress on establishing and maturing the Bureau’s intelligence mission continues.  Stiehm listed three necessary traits for a successor to manage the FBI of the 21st century, specifically that the next Director:

  • Must Have a Deep Understanding of and Commitment to both the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Mission of the Bureau 
  • Must Strengthen a Culture of Collaboration within the FBI and across the USIC and Continue Building the FBI Intelligence Career Service
  • Must Be a Seasoned Manager of a Global Enterprise Who Can Lead a Group of Diverse Professionals—Agents, Intelligence Analysts, and Other FBI Employees—and Form Strong Partnerships to Achieve the FBI’s Mission.

Stiehm emphasized that it was important that the next Director continue to build the FBI’s Intelligence Career Service (ICS) and be committed to strengthening a culture of collaboration that engages the talents of the entire 35,000 member FBI workforce: “The next Director must fully implement the 9/11 Commission’s primary recommendation for the FBI to establish a dedicated FBI ICS, under the leadership of an intelligence professional.” 

While the association chose not to endorse a specific candidate as the ideal successor, FBI IAA Spokesperson Jason Collins stated, “We chose this route as a way to get our views across.  We wanted to make it clear we support the next FBI Director and are willing to work with a variety of leaders who can address corporate challenges ahead for the FBI.”

The letter in its entirety is available by clicking the following link FBI_IAA_letter_to_DNI_Clapper_and_AG_Holder

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