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The FBI IAA is pleased to announce our selection of Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) as the preferred provider of Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) for our members. We selected FEDS due to their competitive rates, as well as their unmatched professionalism and customer service. We believe you will be equally impressed by the FEDS team.

Every FBI Analyst should consider obtaining PLI coverage… It is your only protection from the risk of civil, administrative, &/or criminal inquiries to which you are exposed every day. You are not at risk because you could lose your job or a lawsuit, but rather because a lawsuit, claim, or even a mere allegation could be filed against you. Even if the allegation(s) are completely baseless—and the judge, jury, or committee agree—you might spend thousands of dollars defending yourself if you do not have a PLI policy in place.



So what… Why do I need PLI?

…Read below for specific, real-world examples…





Answer: You may be surprised, but even an entry-level (GS-7) Intelligence Analyst needs PLI. Here are a few important facts:

  • As an Intelligence Professional, you have a personal risk for:
    • Civil suits
    • Administrative actions (disciplinary) &
    • Criminal investigations
  • FBI Analysts can face civil, administrative, and criminal proceedings, even if their activities were directed &/or approved by managers… examples include:
    • The National Security Letter issue in 2008
    • The Islamic Ideology Training issue in 2011
    • The Ethnic & Minority Demographics Mapping issue in 2011
  • The FBI & DOJ are not required to represent / protect you… they will only represent you if it’s in the interest of the U.S. Government!
  • This personal risk was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the FBI IAA!


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15 Minute Webinar w/ 15 Minutes of Q&A…




Federal Employee Defense Services

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Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) provides premier professional liability insurance to the entire federal employee community. For executives and managers, it is the constant public scrutiny, politically motivated criticisms and accountability demands that federal managers in all agencies are subjected to, that has increased professional and personal liability exposures. Congress even enacted special legislation requiring agencies to reimburse all managers and supervisors up to half the cost of professional liability insurance due to the risks associated with your federal employment that cannot be completely cured with legislation.


FEDS is recommended and endorsed by the Senior Executives Association, the Federal Managers Association, the Professional Managers Association and other leading federal manager associations.


You can also view FEDS 15-minute PLI webinar. This 15-minute webinar explains what FEDS’ professional liability insurance policy provides and how it protects federal executives, managers and supervisors against professional and financial exposures. The webinar is followed by a live Question-and-Answer session.

View the webinar now.


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